Young heart attack

Young heart attack and diseases is a major killer of both men and women in Australia

Changes in diet and lifestyle have left a large percentage of the population with heart health issues that can be potentially life threatening. Did you know that  death from heart attacks accounted for 34% of all deaths in 2008.  A heart attack occurs about every twenty seconds and a death by heart attack nearly every eleven minute! The sad fact is heart diseases claimed the lives of almost 48,500 Australians in 2008, a a great number of these deaths are largely preventable.

National Centre for Monitoring Cardiovascular Disease reports that women have a worse outcome than men after having a heart attack. The 2001 age-standardised prevalence of heart problems, stroke and vascular conditions was 11% higher for females than for males but men were more likely to die from heart problems, stroke and vascular diseases than females across all age groups.

young heart attack

Heart diseases affects 3.4 million Australians and prevents more than 1.4 million people from living a full life because of disability caused by the disease. Approximately fifty percent of deaths from heart attack occur within an hour period. There is an early mortality rate between six and nine percent for those people who survive long enough to reach the hospital. For instance via ambulance or other transport. Heart attack and disease is nothing new to Australia, but there is a more alarming trend that is emerging fast – young heart attack.

Combat young heart attack with greater awareness

The good news is deaths from prevalence of young heart attacks may be addressed easier and problems arrested quicker. As more awareness is brought to the forefront there is strong indication that the death from young heart attack may be expected to decline in the future. The major preventable risk factors for young heart attack are tobacco smoking, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, insufficient physical activity, overweight and obesity, poor nutrition and diabetes.

Heart attack can affect any one at any time in life but let it not start at a young age. It doesn’t matter what part of the world or age you are, if there are any symptoms of chest pain it may be an early warning of heart attack.

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