Taking credit courses – PROS AND CONS

In the present time, taking credit courses is getting familiar among students at college all over the world. Have you ever hung up your hand the forehead before sleep to think of why people approve of changing from traditional class organization to credit course? There should be a good reason to make a “bold” move, right?

I’m a student at the time of this writing to share the ideas which are benefits as well as minor disadvantages of taking credit courses. Hope you enjoy, and of course it’s really nice of you to send me any feedbacks.

Let’s start with PROS of credit courses.

  1. Flexible timetable with credit courses.

We always look forward to the moment when there’s nothing ahead other than freedom, self-reliance without control from parents, setting up our own life as the way we desire. However, it seems finance, money on expenses, is our biggest problem ever, which makes us think of taking a job as a waitress, or a waiter at any restaurant, or even any hard jobs. Here it is, how can we handle with that much busy timetable for studying and part-time job? Credit courses must be a decent companion with you.


As we all expect, it provides a good range of schedules, which you can pick up, at any time before 9 pm. Let’s imagine spending time during a day for studying with evening at workplace. How can it be better?

Is that good enough to jump into credit course education system? If still having any confusion, let’s move on another point…

  1. Favorite teachers.

Not only flexibility of timetables, but also opportunity choosing favorite teachers is in our hands. Let’s say you are a big fan of some teacher as much as if being willing to stick with him/her for the rest of your life, goodbye is always the hardest word to say at every single end. Now, those days are gone, students can get drown into happiness with chance seeing him/her again in another class of a different course next semester. However, I just want to “warn” you to be ready for the most heart-broken moment of being “kicked out” on graduation day.

On the other hand, if you are a freshman, having no ideas of which ones match with your personality. No worries! What is the button “cancel” used for? At any time you want, press it, try another teacher until seeing your most favorable ones.

  1. Attendance

Attendance now is just a minor part of your whole learning process. This might be a good idea for students who are as busy as a bee with working and studying at the same time. Looking back our “outdated” class which is as old as the earth, attending every single lecture is one of the way to pass exams.

We are in the 21st century, the era of sophisticating technology, is it waste of time to be in the class to learn something which might be found on the Internet? Maybe yes, maybe no. Why so? However, it depends partly on how teachers want to control class; we can still skip some lectures at the last resort.

  1. Time-saving

Following our old education system, it might take us even 4-5 years (6 years for medicine students) to get the graduation certificate. Everything is changing in a good way. The only matter to be cared is how many credits you have to get. Yeah, quite many, but if ever any of us want to finish earlier than 4 years, it is possible. Got all of them with required scores, then you’re done. “Get out of my school”, says the principal!

Is it enough to convince any of you to take credit courses? Or another solution is online course.

Nothing is good in all ways, which we can never deny. Getting attached with credit courses might bring about some disadvantages which I will mention later on. Let’s see if they’re true or not.

Let’s continue with CONS of credit courses.

  1. Lack of connection to others.

Taking credit courses, it means students have to jump into a number of different classes with quite many “strangers”. It couldn’t be harder than ever to make friends. There’s always a chance we just know people by sight, no matter how much often we see them in some classes. Sometimes, I wonder if I ever have felt so lost among people.

  1. Laziness

Attendance is considered to be a small piece of your learning process, which might make you think of skipping class more often. It’s true for me, too. One day, getting up on the wrong side of bed with terrible sound from alarm, I usually assume “oh Gosh, no possibility to get any letter into the brain”. Irritatingly throwing the alarm to the corner, wrapping her into comfortable blanket, this lazy girl continues her wonderful dreams with a desire “hope teacher forgetting to take attendance”.

Even though credit courses make us find it harder and harder to get closer to others, we couldn’t deny how marvelous it is in this present time, right?

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