Acuvue Bifocals For Complete Vision Correction

Acuvue Bifocals

For many years contacts were a great option for people with specific types of vision problems but for those that needed bifocal or multifocal types of lenses contacts weren't an effective option. Some people dealt with this by wearing contacts for one vision problem and also carrying glasses to deal with any other vision deficits. Now Acuvue bifocals offer you all the benefits of bifocal glasses in streamlined, comfortable and thin contact that will allow you to see both near and far without the need for additional glasses or vision aids. Those with presbyopia will finally have an option to help them see both near and far without having to carry reading glasses everywhere they go. Differences vs. other types of contact lenses : Contact wearers that have tried other types of lenses may have to adjust slightly to the thinness of the Acuvue bifocals. Generally this is an easy adjustment that is