How Secure Is Laser Eye Surgery Anyway?

laser eye surgery

You may have only noticed the advertisements on the television and in magazines for Laser eye surgery recently. But the first laser eye surgery was performed over two decades ago. LASIK laser eye surgery is the most popular procedure: Over 36,000,000 LASIK procedures have been performed throughout the world, and it is now tried and tested and extremely safe. Did you know that there is more risk to damaging your eye from using contact lenses than laser eye surgery?  At Optical Express less than 1% of patients will develop a complicationand the majority of these are easily overcome with simple management methods such as use of eye drops. That’s not only damage to your cornea from scratching with contact lenses, but also the ever-present risk of infection from the contacts not being cleaned properly. That’s a risk each time you put in and take out your contact lenses, whereas LASIK surgery