Prepare your iPad for best travel trip

When particularly compared with the heavy laptop, iPad is one of the ideal travel companion with better battery life, less room in your bag. Here is the guide to prepare your iPad for best travel trip. Choose the right iPad for best travel trip If you have more than one iPad, make sure you choose the right one. Apple is trying to make the iPad thinner, lighter, smaller and 10 hours of battery life with iPad 4, iPad Air 2... But which is the best tablet for travelers? You should choose the iPad Mini with better portability scores and cheaper. 3g vs Wifi for International Travel If you don’t have a 3G model, for maximum connectivity, a Wi-Fi hotspot locator like Skype Wi-Fi or Boingo should be use. If 3G model is available, it’s better choose the GSM (ATT in the US) models for best compatible because the CDMA of Verizon may not work on