5 Easy Ways to Make Your Business Green

green business

What does “Green” mean to you? How do you define it? There is a fantastic movement towards sustainable development, and eco-friendly, Green, businesses are the new trend. Not only is this refreshing to see, but it also motivates the older establishments to get their act together and stop wasting resources. Even though there are many easy fixes, many established businesses still don’t pay attention to wasted energy. No one is intrinsically bad at saving energy; it’s the lack of knowledge and the corresponding effort that enables unproductive behavior. Green businesses not only help the environment, but they lower their own operating costs in the long run, thus becoming sustainable- not just environmentally, but monetarily as well. And that is the most important motivating factor. Here are some easy tips to help move your business into the Green Zone: Recycle I don’t mean just paper, but computers and old electronics. My employer has a week