Keeping Contact Lenses in Optrex Eye Wash?

Optrex eye drops

A friend of mine is using contact lenses for the first time. He plans to have laser surgery eventually, but hasn’t got the money for that yet. He got his lenses but forgot to get the contact lens cleaning solution. By the timer he realised this it was too late. The shops were shut. He looked in his medicine cabinet and came across some Optrex Eye Drops. You can guess the rest, he used the Optrex eye-bath to soak his lenses overnight. Next morning he said that while his eyes weren’t stinging when he put the contacts in, they felt a vaguely uncomfortable. I started singing “Bright Eyes” and he was not amused! The thing is that there are over a dozen products for eye-care in the Optrex range, some gentler than others. For example the infected eye range (drops or ointment) contain Chloramphenicol Ph Eur. 0.5% w/v and can only be obtained from