Give relief to your eyes with Optrex eye drops

Optrex eye drops

When we talk about eyes infection, nothing is more effective and better for rehydrating and refreshing the dry, tired, infected and irritated eyes than optrex eye drops.  These eye drops are specially designed for children above the age of 2 and the adults who experience bad eye infections. Optrex eye drops helps the eyes to stay healthy and unaffected with the usage of contact lenses and irritation caused due to driving or polluted atmosphere. Optrex eye drops are not a medicine and contain 0.15% of sodium hyaluronate and Chloramphenicol Ph Eur. 0.5% w/v in it. These eye drops are available in different types and helps in reducing the length and severity of eye infection. How to apply optrex eye drops: Optrex eye drops are made with purified water and contain specially designed ingredients that help in replenishing tears and lubricate eyes. When applying the eye drops it is important to consider a few