Common Eye Conditions

eye conditions

Glaucoma Glaucoma is group of diseases that cause damage to the nerve fibers within the eye.  Some reasons this may happen include an increased pressure within the eye, weak ocular structures and nerves, or poor fluid drainage within the eye.  Increased pressure within the eye damages healthy nerve fibers and eventually causes their death.  Nerve fibers within the eye do not regenerate and cause vision loss.  Most glaucoma is painless and visual field defects are not noticeable by the patient until they are quite advanced.  Other factors that put a patient at risk for glaucoma include race (Hispanics and Blacks are more prone to glaucoma at a younger age), steroid drug use, eye trauma, family history, increased age, and diabetes mellitus.  A comprehensive eye examination at Hamilton Family Eyecare is the best way to avoid the detrimental effects of glaucoma.  Dr. Hamilton is considered an optometric glaucoma specialist by the state