How to Make the Most of Decluttering for Your Move

Mike recently announced that his house is on the market. No doubt preparing to put your house on the market is a difficult endeavor. You have to spend a great deal of time decluttering and making cosmetic changes to your home. This includes removing your personal items so the buyers can imagine themselves in your house. Rather than putting these items in temporary storage, take advantage of the need to declutter your house to earn extra money and save on moving costs.

1. Have a garage sale.

If you have enough time before you put your house on the market (ideally at least a few months), take the time to gather your excess belongings and have a garage sale. Generally, a garage sale is great for adult clothing, basic kids’ clothing, toys, and household goods. Your kids may not want to part with some of the toys they have outgrown. You could slyly pack up the outgrown toys while your kids are sleeping, or you could enlist their help. Perhaps offer them a percentage of the sale of their toys as money to keep. When rewarded with monetary gain, most kids can more easily let go of possessions they no longer use.

2. Sell more expensive items on Craigslist.

Do you have a piece of exercise equipment you will no longer need? A no longer used toy box or child’s play table? These larger items often garner more money on Craigslist rather than at a garage sale. The trick is to price the items competitively so that people will want to buy the item, but also high enough so you still have room to negotiate because Craigslist buyers love to negotiate.

3. Sell finer goods on eBay.

I bought a necklace in Ireland for a friend, but shortly after I returned our friendship ended. Rather than give her the necklace, I sold it on eBay for $50, which was more than I paid for it. If you have finer items like jewelry or a collection of some item, you will do better selling on eBay. Kids’ designer clothing in good condition, including brands such as Gymboree and Gap, also do well on eBay.


4. Sell any furniture you may want to upgrade or do not need.

By selling furniture, you reduce the number of items you must move, which will reduce your moving expenses. Depending on how far you are moving and how much you can cull the items you must move, you could save yourself several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars on moving costs. Once settled in your new home, you could always use Craigslist yourself to buy new furniture for your home.

Moving can be an expensive endeavor. Use the time before you move to simplify and minimize. Not only will you likely sell your house more easily when it is clutter free, you will also save substantially on moving costs. In addition, you can easily make a few hundred dollars or more from the items you sell when decluttering. Overall, decluttering and selling your items can help lower the cost of your move.

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