How to boost Credit Score

The truth about how to boost credit score seem to be a little difficult: it will take time and effort. Base on your current credit score, it’s going to take time to grow into a top-tier rating chart. But don’t worry, we are here to help, these are tested methods to help you boost your credit score within a few months. You need to cover the basics and make sure not letting your score get beat up by mistakes.

Always make your payments on time

Best way to have good credit score is not to have a bad credit history. If you usually miss the due day or forget about the payment, consider setting a reminder on your iPad/iPhone or having an automatic payment that is more than the minimum due. If you have a student loan, put your student loans on automatic payments so you don’t have another late payment even if the debt is a really small amount. If you have a home loan payment, make it easy to calculate home loan with iPad and pay it on time. If you want to have a good payment history, it takes time to rebuild.

Try frequent payments to boost Credit Score

Another tip to boost your credit score is trying to make mini-payments throughout the month. It’s a good thing that you can frequently reducing your balance.

Don’t open new credit account

People believe that apply for a new credit account or close unused cards will help them have better credit mix, but this is not true. Better strategy is to pay off your debt rather than moving it around.


Limit your balance to boost Credit Score

A high outstanding debt can affect your credit score, so try to keep balances low on credit cards and avoid overextending yourself. Another tips to boost credit score is try to use only an average of 20% of your available credit.

Review your credit report

What is a credit report? When you’re working to raise your credit score, it is a good idea to check your regular credit report for incorrect information or misstated balances. You can search online for free credit report from many websites that provide solutions such as monitor credit report, business credit report, credit score calculation…

Credit repair service

Credit repair companies offer a quick fixes delivery but your problems still exist. It is better solve it yourself rather than paying for addition fees. REMEMBER avoid Credit Repair Scam that promise boost Credit Score.

Apparently, it is impossible to provide a completely accurate all in one tip to boost your credit score. But if you always maintain it and remember how difficult it is to increase your credit score, you will improve your credit score. Each action you take will affect your credit history are having the greatest impact on your credit score. So take appropriate action and boost credit score now!

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