Heart failures

A quick overview on heart failure

Heart failures are not an acute conditions which meant that it develops overtime. Heart failures in people is a progressive condition which causes damage to the heart and weakens the efficiency of the cardiovascular system. The progression of heart failures start from heart damage or tissue injury.

There are various causes which can result in heart failures. Heart failures is not only attibuted by the condition of the heart but also the blood circulation, lungs and other organs functions which must be addressed and taken care of as well. The condition will be worse if other co-morbid conditions exist such as hypertension, kidney impairment, diabetes and vascular disease. It is also important to address the impact of the patient’s social and mental conditions.

heart failure

If you look at it closely heart failures are just the summation of all injuries that your heart sustained. There are millions of people all across the globe that had sufferred heart failures. It was found out that age and heart failures are directly proportional dependent. This means that as a person ages his or her risk for heart failure doubles. But of course, it is in the presence of tissue injury or other heart condition. The presence of co-morbid conditions further complicates the management.

What are the manifestations of heart failures?

Fluid congestion or fluid pooling is one of the manifestations of heart failures in people. When the heart fails, the body tends to compensate and this is done by fluid retention in order to increase the blood volume. This is because the body perceives the inefficiency of the heart to pump as “inadequate blood volume” hence the fluid retention. As blood volume increases, there will be excess water within the body resulting to swelling although it is important to note that not all swelling are result of heart failures.

Clinically, fluid congestion or pooling is seen as shortness of breath and edema.

Can decreased blood flow to the body cause heart failures?

During the early phase of heart failure, any signs of inadequacy of the pumping capacity of the heart may not be noticeable. Usually, it is discovered during intense physical activity. However, in advanced stages of heart failure, the symptoms may become apparent including:

  • Easy fatigability
  • Difficulty in physical activities
  • Dizziness

People should consult their doctors, as many of the impending heart failures identified could be prevented. Cardiovascular heart disease cause many heart failures!

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