Heart disease

Prevent heart disease

Heart disease is one of the top killer diseases in all over the world. It affects both men and women as well as both young and old. Fortunately, heart disease is a highly preventable condition. You can definitely reduce the risk for heart disease by making sure you practice good habits and healthy lifestyle. There is a way to protect your heart from disease.
However, you need to understand what heart disease is all about. It is otherwise known as coronary heart disease which occurs when the blood vessels are occluded with plaques. When the plaques burst, platelets aggregate to form blood clots which result to complete blockage of the circulation. Heart attack follows this incident which is potentially life-threatening.

Heart disease

Once you have heart disease, it becomes your lifelong condition. However, by learning the risk factors you empower yourself against heart attack and get a chance to lead a health and long life.

Risk factors of heart disease

There are risk factors that are beyond your control but in many cases you can. You can’t change your genetic makeup, family history or your age. However, the following risk factors can be controlled :
– Smoking – It lowers the blood flow within the arteries which can lead to a heart attack. You will experience immediate improvement in health as soon as you quit smoking. Within a few days, carbon monoxide content of the blood reduces and the blood pressure returns to normal. One year without smoking, risk of heart disease drops significantly up to 50%
– Control High Blood Pressure – High blood pressure otherwise known as hypertension predisposes you to heart disease. There are several ways for you to control hypertension including healthy diet, low fat-low salt diet, and active lifestyle and maintaining healthy weight.
– Hypercholesterolemia – This is a condition wherein your blood cholesterol level is high. This predisposes you to atherosclerosis which then put you at risk for heart disease. Physicians prescribe medications but this is normally controlled through healthy diet and lifestyle.
– Overweight or Obesity – Generally, this is hard for some people to control but not impossible. A small weight loss of just 10% significantly lowers your risk for heart disease.
– Sedentary lifestyle – People who are constantly inactive are at risk for heart disease. At least 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise can strengthen your heart and improve blood circulation.

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