Hard Lens Care

There should not be any pain when wearing hard contact lens. However, you will know that you have them in and will be aware of their presence when you initially start to wear them.

  • Follow the recommended wearing schedule. It may only be 2 to 4 hours at first. You will gradually increase wearing time as tolerated. You may experience episodes of excessive tearing which will cause the lenses to move around.
  • Do not rub your eyes. Hard lenses do have a tendency at first to cause some mild burning and itching. This will gradually disappear as you adapt.
  • Get in the habit of washing your hands before handling your lenses.
  • Maintain a regular wearing pattern. If you wear them normally only ten hours, it might cause irritation to wear them for 18 hours.
  • The surfaces of the lenses should remain moist to be comfortable. Excessive dryness may be caused by:
  • Insufficient tear supply.
  • Dry atmospheric conditions such as heated rooms in winter or air-conditioned rooms in summer.

hard lens care

  • Medications such as antihistamines.
  • Prolonged reading or staring which decreases the blink rate.
  • Eye drops may be helpful in relieving these symptoms. Your OptimEyes doctor can make the proper recommendation.
  • If dirt or soot get between the lens and the cornea, a good way to remove it is to blink rapidly while holding the upper lid firmly against the bone. If this fails, remove the contact lens, rinse it, and then replace it.
  • There should not be pain. If pain persists after a lens is removed it might be due to an abrasion of the cornea or infection. Symptoms of severe pain, intolerance to light or copious tearing are a signal that you should call your OptimEyes doctor.
  • Be careful when inserting your lens over a sink. Be sure to place a towel over the opening or a stopper for the drain. If a lens is dropped, wet your finger and touch the lens. Lift straight up so as not to scratch the surface. If it lands dome side down, it might stick like a suction cup. Pour a little water on the area to make it float and use a piece of paper to side under the lens. Never use a sharp object to pry it loose. You will damage the lens.
  • When applying makeup, put the lens in first. Eye makeup should be water-soluble. When using sprays, make sure that your eyes are closed. Sprays can accumulate on the surface and cause irritation.
  • Hard lenses need cleaning and sterilization. The two go hand and hand. Follow recommended care instruction.

The wearing of contact lenses is part of a continual care and ongoing treatment. You need to see your OptimEyes doctor at prescribed intervals. It is recommended that hard contact lens wearers should be seen every six months.


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