Drug Side Effects and Heart Attacks

Sold under the retailed name, Celebrex, Celecoxib is essentially a COX-2 inhibitor. It is among the very few COX-2 inhibitor drugs still available for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and menstrual cramping pains. In fact, it is the only high-potency COX-2 inhibitor still being sold in the United States. Manufactured by Pharmacia Corporation, Celebrex has been associated with some serious drug side effects like heart attacks. It is known to increase the risk of developing blood clotting or embolism that can lead to a stroke.

Heart Attack

The only other, commonly known COX-2 inhibitor, Bextra by Pfizer was withdrawn from the market after increasing reports of allergic skin reactions and cardiovascular problems. Celebrex is just one of the many drugs prescribed today that are known to increase the risk of suffering a heart attack. One such case is that of Vioxx that was also recalled from the market and since then, more questions have arisen about Celebrex. The niche of drug side effects causing heart attacks also includes some non-prescription pain medications like Naproxen.

While some folks might say that side effects of some sort are always associated with the more potent medications, heart attack due to a prescription drug is too serious an issue to be bracketed as “just another side effect”. Research studies, some as credible as those published in Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, have indicated a definite relationship between Celebrex and the increased risk of suffering heart attacks.

In 2006 alone, even after substantial degree of pessimism in the medical community, Celebrex sales were estimated in excess of $2 billion! This underlines the fact that most people are not aware about the possibly fatal side effects or they tend to ignore such facts. This also emphasizes the requirement of the medico-legal industry to be more responsible for what it is putting on the pharmacy shelves.

Avandia: Taking a Page from Celebrex’s Book of Side-Effects

A similar problem was seen with the drug Avandia. Side effects from this mediation have been linked with heart attacks too. This medication faced severe restrictions from the FDA in September 2010, where FDA cited heart-related risks as the major reason. The FDA emphasized that any prescription of Avandia should be provided only if it seemed that the healthcare professional had tried every other diabetes medication and the patient was systematically educated about the possibly fatal cardiac side-effects caused by this mediation.

Similar fears are being raised about many other medications that include Rosiglitazone as an active ingredient. This is the main component of Avandia and the suspected cause behind its cardiovascular side-effects. This compound has been located in many other types of diabetes medications, in varying concentrations. The European Medicines Agency was somewhat more active than the FDA and recently suspended nearly every rosiglitazone-containing drug, such as Avandia.

Tackling the Issue with Heart Attack Lawyers

Yet again, such a risky medication (Avandia) is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, a leading pharmaceutical brand. This shifts the focus to another problem related with drug side effects & heart risks, i.e. the handicaps faced by patients and families who suffer because of such medications. The consumer laws might seem very progressive in the United States and some European nations but in reality, a customer seeking damages or some sort of acknowledgment for his problems and the family’s grievance hardly stands a chance of challenging such major companies. The only solution to such issues seems to be legally challenging the manufacturer or the drug company in the court with the help of heart attack lawyers. There are professionals associated with legal firms that have expertise in such typical cases.

For instance, when the families of patients affected by Avandia sought legal justice, they employed lawyers who specialize in this niche. For some time, these legal professionals were referred to as “heart attack lawyers” or “Avandia heart attack lawyers”. This signifies two aspects—firstly, the paucity and the high demand for such lawyers and their undeniable professional conformity with such complicated cases. Victims who suffered drug side effects related heart attacks can be eligible for significant compensation, including monetary compensation for the lost wages, medical bills and emotional damages caused by such medications.

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