10 Common Fitness Myths Busted


There are plenty of fitness myths around. These include: doing hundreds of sit ups a day with give you a six pack, muscle turns into fat and lifting weights will make you into a body builder. They have a habit of sticking around. According to experts in the field they haven’t changed much in recent years either. Most people are looking for quick fixes to get fit and healthy without putting in the effort. This idea is in our very culture and we’re often bombarded with messages telling us how we can lose weight effortlessly. Here we’ll bust 10 of the common myths: If you weigh more it means you’re fatter Muscle and fat are different densities. So a pound of muscle takes up less space than a pound of fat. This means you can be healthier but still weigh the same. Focus on how you feel rather than how you weigh. Women get bulky

Top free weight loss apps for iPad

weight loss apps

Why pay for many weight loss apps in the Apple Apps Store when you can find a free one that help you lose weight quickly. Basic principle of losing weight is take in fewer calories, burn more calories. Today, we gonna show you some 100% free weight loss apps that actually help. Healthy diet for weight loss The Whole Foods is one of the best recipe apps available that you can search by a variety of special diets.  Dieters can easily choose their best food for the day base on  total calories per serving, total fat, saturated fat, sodium, carbs, and protein that included for each recipe. It also contain videos on cooking, recipe inspirations, meal planning and many more for you to have a healthy diet to lose weight. Another good one is Fooducate, your healthy diet partner. It has a built in nutrition tracker with the quality of calories, not just your daily quantity. Study found that online weight-loss buddies help

Top 10 iPad apps you should install

Why do you need a list of iPad apps to install? Everybody has an iPad today, but what is the most essential application for daily activities. If you take a look in the Apple App Store today, there are 1.5 millions apps available for download. It’s like looking for needle in a haystack. Another aspect of the problem is the quality of the apps. Many new apps need more powerful CPU and graphic chip set like Asphalt 8 which is a really nice game but definitely not for your old iPad 2. Our staff has been testing may iPad apps and sort out the best apps for you, with high quality and good review all over the world. Let’s take a look at Top 10 iPad apps you should install: 4