Approach weight loss plan as a means to keep going and not to get to an end

There are a whole lot of weight loss plans being bandied about on the internet. Most want to lure you into getting into a plan that will be written out as an ebook and you can only access it once you buy it. Most others are promoting some weight loss health products for you. I was one of those cruising on the net to see if I could find a readymade easy weight loss plan to suit me.

You will be surprised to know that most sites give out general information on weight loss. They mention the foods, supplements, and exercises that can help with losing weight the right way, but have no specific weight loss plans that one can follow. So I decided to put together an easy weight loss plan that can be individualized by anyone. I am writing this because I lost ten pounds in six months. If I can do it you can too!

weight loss plan

Planning is essential because without a plan the best intentions can fail. So make weight loss plans taking these into account.

Have a time frame

Maybe you want to show off a bikini at the pool or fit into a dress for a special occasion. The event is four or six months away. It will be easier to write down the target period for the weight loss plans when you want to slim down for some significant occasion. This does not mean that after this period you stop with the plan. In fact you may feel so kicked with the weight progress results (I did) that you will want to maintain your fitness levels and svelte body, after realizing that it was an easy weight loss plan after all.

Keep a realistic weight loss goal

Yes, this has to be done. If you say that you will see as you go along, it won’t work. Because then we tend to slacken off. How much weight can you lose in a week must be decided based on your eating pattern and exercise schedule. If you are a constant nibbler it will take you two weeks to just unlearn this pattern. If you do not exercise at all then weight loss will be slow. Note down what your ideal weight should be for your height, age and gender, from the ideal body weight chart available online. Work towards this. If you are obese then it will take at least a year of a disciplined life to come close to the ideal weight.

Choose healthy recipes that can be modified

Take your lifestyle into account when you decide on your weight loss plans. If you are the kind that eats on the go, you have to change your eating pattern. If you work at an office, make lunch at home and carry it to work. This can be something as simple as a sandwich toast (made in those nifty toasters you get nowadays) with a shredded turkey or chicken or fish filling. Just toss the filling, after cooking it, in some herbs along with low sodium salt (if you miss salt) and pepper. I avoided the salt completely as I liked my seasoning with oregano, chillie flakes, and cilantro. Look up low fat recipes on the net and modify it with ingredients you can find locally. Try to completely cut out processed foods and artificial colas, and soon you will realize that food can be a part of an easy weight loss plan.

Engage in the right kind of activity

Remember that even if you have a low calorie intake, it is only activity that will speed up metabolism and help to burn fat, and must be incorporated in all weight loss plans. Of course, you must always keep in mind that if you exceed your quota of calories for the day you have to exercise more, or cut down on calories the next day. A sedentary woman only needs 1500 calories a day and if it is from the right kind, combined with increased activity levels, it can contribute to an easy weight loss plan.

Review and assess weight progress

The first two weeks are the toughest. To unlearn old habits takes some will power. But do not give up. How much weight can you lose in a week will vary and results will start showing in the second month. Following weight loss plans does not mean total abstinence of your favorite foods. Eat a bar of chocolate (not every day!) but in between meals and not immediately after a meal. This can help to stagger the sugar spikes and burn the calories rather than have it stored as fat in the body.

When I review my weight loss journey, I find that losing weight the right way makes a big difference. Experiment and find your easy weight loss plan so that you can stick with it. Maybe your low calorie intake can be from fibrous foods whereas others may just eat the bare minimum needed. But make a plan as weight loss plans can really help us be focused.

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