Affordable Summer Family Activities

In just a few short weeks, school will be out for the summer.  While your kids may be counting down the days to summer freedom, if they are like most kids, within a few weeks, you will begin to hear the dreaded whine, “I’m bored!”  This summer, keep the whine at bay with some of these fun, affordable activities:

Visit free museums and other attractions.

The site helps you find free activities in your city and other surrounding areas.  I found several new activities that I did not previously know about using this site.

Go to factory tours.

Most kids love to know how things are made.  Take advantage of their natural curiosity and take them on a factory tour.  Use the siteFactory Tours USA, which lists 560 tours, to find local factory tours; many are often free and sometimes offer freebies.  For instance, in Chicago, you can not only tour Eli’s Cheesecake Factory for free, but you can also get a free piece of cheesecake.

Get a pool pass.

In the heat of the summer, nothing feels better than a cool dip in the pool.  Many community pools offer passes for the entire season for $40 to $50.  If you will be going to the pool once a week or more as a family, it may be worthwhile to buy the pass.  The best part about the pool pass is that the more you go, the more valuable it becomes.

Send the kids to summer bible camp.

Many churches offer summer bible camps for a week.  Increasingly these are offered in the evening hours to accommodate working parents’ schedules.  A typical bible camp includes activities, crafts, and some fellowship.  When I was young, our church didn’t have one, but my friend’s did, and I always looked forward to going.

summer activities

Take the kids horseback riding.

If you live in the city, chances are your kids have not gone horseback riding, at least regularly.  Find a nearby farm that offers horseback riding and take the kids for a fun afternoon.  It will be an experience they won’t soon forget.

Set up your own slip and slide.

Get a long tarp, lay it on the ground and spray with water and some baby soap.  Then, have fun sliding down while also getting refreshed on a hot summer day.  Kids can do this activity for hours without getting bored.

Take advantage of museum adventure passes.

If your library participates in the Museum Adventure Pass program sponsored by Macy’s, you can check out the pass and visit a participating museum for free.   This is a great way to visit a museum that costs more than you can afford or would like to spend.

While most kids can’t wait for summer break to begin, after a few weeks, they are often bored.  Keep them entertained with a few of these activities.  Not only will you avoid (or certainly lessen) the cries of “I’m bored”, but you will also be able to share fun adventures with your kids that don’t have to cost a lot of money. Another approach is how to save money on summer by fuel efficient.

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