Acuvue Bifocals For Complete Vision Correction

For many years contacts were a great option for people with specific types of vision problems but for those that needed bifocal or multifocal types of lenses contacts weren’t an effective option.

Some people dealt with this by wearing contacts for one vision problem and also carrying glasses to deal with any other vision deficits. Now Acuvue bifocals offer you all the benefits of bifocal glasses in streamlined, comfortable and thin contact that will allow you to see both near and far without the need for additional glasses or vision aids. Those with presbyopia will finally have an option to help them see both near and far without having to carry reading glasses everywhere they go.

Differences vs. other types of contact lenses :

Contact wearers that have tried other types of lenses may have to adjust slightly to the thinness of the Acuvue bifocals. Generally this is an easy adjustment that is most often noted when placing the contacts in the eye or removing them.

Acuvue Bifocals

However, the lenses are designed to have easy marking on the outside of the lens, the numbers 123, that ensures you always have the lenses correctly placed on the eye.

This is helpful for those that are experienced contact wearers as well as those that are trying out their first pair. A faint blue tint to the contacts also makes them easy to see in the case or if they end up in the sink or on the counter.

These contact lenses are very user friendly :

Unlike bifocal glasses that just have the central and lower areas of the glasses set up to actually help with near vision and reading, Acuvue bifocals uses concentric zones around the contact to naturally allow different distances of sight.

The zones are not defined as on glasses so there is a gentle and very natural blend from one distance support zone to the other.

This allows the eye to function as it would without the vision support rather than the abrupt changes in magnification that are typical with glasses and some other types of contacts. The zones are uniform across the lens so even as the lens rotates your vision is always correct based on the object you are focusing on.

Protection against the sun

Those that enjoy being outdoors will also appreciate the additional protection that Acuvue bifocals provide against the sun’s harmful rays. These contact lenses come standard with UV-A and UV-B protection blocking out 82% and 97% of UV-A and UV-B rays respectively. This is important for overall eye health and can help to preserve your vision even if you do not choose to always wear additional sun glasses.

Replacement schedule of Acuvue bifocals :

The replacement schedule for Acuvue Bifocals will vary based on your specific doctor’s recommendations and your vision needs. Generally there are two standard options, daily wear for two weeks or extended wear for up to six consecutive nights.

Daily wear for two weeks requires removal at night combined with daily cleaning of the lenses. At the end of the two week period the current lenses are thrown out and a new pair used.

The six consecutive day schedule doesn’t require daily cleaning, rather the contacts stay in your eyes continually for six days and nights. After that period they are removed and discarded with a new pair put in place.

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