5 Tips to reduce weight easily for aged women

To all the women who drained of variety of advertisement that stating they designed program identical for ladies who wants to reduce weight. Then stop following these advertisement who mislead you and in the end you gain more weight rather than losing some extra pounds. I have suggested few important tips for women to lose weight fast which you can find here. So I am adding some more tips which will help females over 30 to reduce fat easily.

reduce weight

These steps you can try anywhere and anytime as they are very simple to follow. People jump blindly on to the advertisement which claims how great their program is for fat loss. So this is really bad way to start your diet program which will make you in good shape.  Our metabolism rate decrease with growing age so for the women over 30-40 it is little bit different way to lose weight. Level of energy is also reducing because of aging and exercises can be difficult comparing to a twenty years female. It is little bit difficult because of harmonically changes compare to other age females but it is not impossible.

Here are Important 5 Tips for women over 30 to reduce fat:

1)  Cut Calories Gradually:
Old age women can reduce 500 to 1000 calories in a day for losing good amount of weight in a week. It is depending on stamina as well as desire to lose weight fast. Some can lose more than 1000 calories per day by doing little hard work. But cutting your calories step by step is a best way otherwise there are chances that you will end in mess. You try to reduce more than 1000 calories in a day and after that you eat so many foods which will increase calories in your body. So make sure you do not go too fast from beginning. The other problem is that if you start reducing your calories rapidly then the muscle can not get feed as they require. Muscles are very vital for getting firm body which gives sexy look to our personality.

Some easy way to reduce calories is to go for walk on regular basis, use stair cases rather than elevator, do not full your stomach when you are eating. Following such simple steps you can reduce your calories.

2)  Cautious about your Food:
Food awareness is very vital for losing weight fast. Foods always play a great role in gaining weight or losing weight. If you do not know about calories and fat in the foods which you are consuming then you will not be able to reduce your body weight even if you are trying so hard for it. Because unknowingly you will eat such foods which are high in calories and fat such as Cheese, Butter, Chocolates and many more.

Eat foods which are low in calories and high in protein, this will give you stamina and keeps liveliness in you. Start to have more salads as your daily diet and milk as well. You will find one of my post written on selecting diet foods to reduce body weight.

3)  Write down and analyze your Journal:
so all the women who loves to look beautiful will start noting down their daily consumed foods. Food habits will help you to cut your daily exercises as well and help you getting rid of extra body weight fast.JThis is very tedious job which you must have to do if you want to get success. Note down everything you eat in a day and analyze them in calories. When you do it on regular basis you will get very good knowledge about your foods which you can consume on daily basis. This will help you to look young at the age of 40 as well

4)  Sufficient Sleep Important:
Sleeping is very necessary for relaxing the body. From the survey it said an adult should have at least 6-8 hours sound sleep. So make sure when you do exercises you also give rest to your body and have sleep of 8 hours. It brings freshness in your body and mind which will give positive energy to work out more consciously.

5)  Bust your Strain:
You will find it hard to bust you stain as it is very easy to say but when it comes to doing it is little bit hard. But it is possible with time and a positive approach. Remember that the journey of losing weight fast is not so easy but not too much difficult as well. So keep practicing about reducing your stress. Once you find the way you will love your new look.

Follow these 5 steps to get a perfect body shape you desired. These tips can be performed any where you go as it will not require any big work out equipment. Just change your daily routine and you will find that weight loss is not so hard as all peoples are talking about , it just requires better understanding and willingness to reducing fat.

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